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Mission Statement

Our mission is to manage our client’s land for their greatest economic return while giving exceptional care to the overall improvement of the property and ensuring the best land stewardship practices are maintained now and into the future.

Our Background

Nikolaisen Land Company has managed land for many years in the North Dakota.  The land managed includes cropland, lands enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program, those with easements, in pasture, and hunting lands.  With the backgrounds of our professionals, you receive expertise in business management, financing, tax planning, crop insurance and additional perils, first-hand knowledge of farming and agricultural law.  We will prepare and execute the documents needed from start to finish.

Our company is locally owned and operated.  Its greatest value is in its local representation which makes a tremendous difference for you as a landowner.   We alleviate your problems in finding the right renter, crop sharer or custom farmer and we negotiate the top contract price.  We will secure the best rental price available for your land because we know who is farming in this area and who the best stewards of the land are.

Our Knowledge

Our Knowledge Land Managers Provide You With:
  • Implementing the proper lease contract for your particular needs
  • Negotiating with prospective tenants
  • Drafting the proper documents for your land management scenario
  • Collecting all rents in a timely fashion and depositing them into escrow
  • Ensuring good stewardship of the land
  • Timely inspection of your land – a regular schedule is set-up
  • Full detailed reports are provided to the landowner on a set schedule
  • Noxious weeds are properly controlled in appropriate contracts
  • Have the land in full compliance with all governing authorities; i.e., federal, state, county…
  • Update the land owner of Farm Service Agency program changes
  • Update the land owner of crop insurance coverage changes where applicable
  • Ensure the USDA survey is completed in a timely fashion
  • Monitor all accounts, records, receipts and disbursements on a regular schedule
  • Schedule annual conference with landowner in person or digitally

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